An Equilibrium of Conscious Reality

Written by Dave Winnyk on 1/28/2021

An Equilibrium of Conscious Reality

After the inches of snow have fallen,

After the crystals of ice compact

Beneath my neighbors’ feet,


Upon circles

Swirled into the yard.

Through the thin gridded screen,

I gaze down on its circumference:

Past moments pressed into shoes

Squeezed with the snow

Between the earth and toes.

In my eyes

Streak the pathways

Sharpening up the whole maze

Step by step.

(An equilibrium of conscious reality)

There is no snow in my head—

no feet or circles either.

My hands are not made of words

My fingers not wrapped in rhythm.

Yet here are all these letters

In the shape of what has been.

Two minds creating language

Entangled across time.