We Are All in This Together

Written by Dave Winnyk on 5/1/2022

We Are All in This Together

We are all in this together—- 

Except when we are not.  

Deluded by myths and their preachers,  

We divide ourselves against us.  

We are all under the pressure of time:  

Its ceaseless radiation decays 

Even the most glued atomics.  

Yet I feel as if I will take the world down with me,  

When truly I am the one who is leaving. 


Only myself,  

And everything and everyone  

I carry with me.   

We all ache for justice—-

Except for those who replace it with chaos.  

Yet its ambiguous nature 

Will keep us from uniting in our destiny.  

(Justice is not only blind, it is ironic.)  

The actor and audience are one in this scene,  

And we watch ourselves destroy ourselves.  

Our scripts hold us to the moments  

Onstage in our banal plays.