What is on my Mind when I am Occupying a Tragic Space? 

Written by Dave Winnyk on 5/1/2022

What is on my Mind when I am Occupying a Tragic Space? 

What is on my mind when I am occupying a tragic space?  

How does grief feel when I am drowning in its chaotic waves?  

Do I become so steeped and infused with its murky waters that I become grief?  

What is a human without their range of feelings?  

Can I be only one?  

For I am an expression of possibility,  

What are the chances of my solitude’s permanence?  

As surely as the earth turns,  

So will my feelings.  

One day the earth will stop turning 

Because there will be no earth.  

Before then there will be no me  

To swim in the skylight of these human colors.  

Until then  

I will wash my canvas  

And welcome the paints  

And their textures  

And hues  

To intermingle with the fiber  

Of my flesh  

Soak down into my bones. 

I was not the same as I was yesterday,  

And tomorrow will be new again.  

I will wear the colors I am given  

Knowing I will cease to hold them 

When my fibers dry and stiffen,  

And the paint chips and rots away.