Who will Watch My TV When I'm Gone?

Written by Dave Winnyk on 5/1/2022

Who will Watch My TV When I’m Gone?

Who will watch my TV when I’m gone?

What will happen to its green circuitry?

I spent so many years

In it’s pearlescent glow

Just like they all wanted me to,

The people in my TV.

Armies of people

With cameras

And make up

And schedules

Small businesses

Small Cities

Pitched up for a weekend or a month

With so much electricity.

All for me

To watch on my energy saving 34” garage sale Dyanex.

Who would’ve thought

A peasant like me

Could have so many jesters

At my disposal?

An infinite parade

Of the most talented nobodies

Your eyes have ever seen—

And that’s just the smaller productions.

Oh the Big Budget!

Years of work

From hundreds of lives

Pressed down into a few glorious hours

Leaving so many to wonder

How the heck do these things make money?

But here they are




To have and to hold

Till death

Do I part.

Tokenized on the Algorand Blockchain